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Hey y'all! We are Brandy & Zach Mersch and we want to extend a warm welcome to our local, family-owned neighborhood shop and hope to see you real soon.

We get the question a lot: why ice cream and açaí? 

Having been born and raised here, before it was the most sought-after destination to live [and vacation], I have a responsibility-like others, to keep our "hometown" roots strong. I'm grateful our calling to highlight Naples Florida was to love on people and create a place of COMMUNITY through some of life's simplest pleasures.

Scoops has always been a place of light. From the look on the kids' faces through the glass when they first see the 50+ flavors of homemade ice cream, to the hour-long conversations held by family, friends and complete strangers over a 'John Norman' at our community table- that's what it's all about.

The ice cream is made at our creamery inside the Greentree shop. Every tub is hand mixed with the finest ingredients and is then churned in batch freezers. We pride ourselves on our non-egg recipes, natural flavorings and colors. The smooth, creamery consistency comes from three sources: attention to detail, minimum air content, and high butter fat (16%) milk.

All our smoothie bowl bases are blended in-house daily at each shop using the freshest ingredients. We are proud to say we do not add any sugar, fruit juices or chemicals to provide you an authentic, easy-to-order acai bowl experience. 

We have three kids and they love the shop, but more importantly, they really love the people they get to meet each day; just as much as we do. As you walk in you might here them screamin' "Welcome to Scoops"! We promise they aren't yelling at you; they're just REALLY excited to serve you and share our shop with you.

We opened our doors for the first time on June 24th, 2019 and immediately felt the love of the community we get the privilege of serving each day. But what's even cooler is that we continue to feel that same love today! 

The best part of this entire journey is the people we get to meet and do life with through their weekly visits to the shop. 

The biggest highlight of 2020 was right before Thanksgiving, when we got to see all our seasonal customers coming back in - both of us in shock that we made it through COVID-19. When they asked how we did it, we always responded - this little vacation town is filled with some really, really good families.

Now, if someone would have warned us that a global pandemic was going to strike small business restaurants within our first year of business- we may have taken that emergency exit. Today, we are grateful for the hurdles we faced and continue to face as we get through the pandemic - because it pushed us to do better. 

Fast forward about a year, and our local neighborhood shop is now mobile (thanks to Rona) serving ice cream all across Naples, we have a pop-up location at one of the nation's nicest sports complex and two other brick-and-mortar locations in town. 

It's a little different these days; and we've accepted that. We just ask that you come as you are, however that is, because we sure as hell won't judge you or turn you away.  

We serve, give and love in this community.

We live, work and play in this community.

Our kids go to school in this community.

We're not just the owners of this shop;

we're members of this community.

We can't wait to meet you and your family and add to our "hometown" story.

With love,

The Merschs

Faith. Family. Scoops.